How To Earn Clash Royale Gold and Gems For Free

Published on March 19 2017

In Clash Royale Hack Gems, efficiency is the key to victory. A strong deck will help you win games, but you’ll need gold, gems, and duplicate cards to make one. If you don’t want to spend your hard-earned cash to move up the ranks, you can follow these Clash Royale tips to make the most out of your free gold and gems.

Check the Free Chests

Check your Free chests consistently, every 8 hours. The most efficient way to do this is to set an alarm for every 8 hours, then open both of your free chests on the alarm.

Earn your Crown chest every day. If you wait too long to earn your 10 Crowns, you will miss out on valuable Crown chests, so be sure to open them every day.

Open your Chest Slot chests as often as possible. When you open a chest, set an alarm on your device to let you know when it can be opened. Try to time your chests so that you never leave finished chests waiting to be opened for long.

Save your Gems

Save your gems! The more gems you spend at once, the more efficient your purchase will be. If you are not spending real money, the most efficient gem purchase is 10,000 gold for 500 gems. Don’t get tempted to waste gems on opening chests faster!

Check the shop each day for new cards. It’s best to spend gold on rare and epic cards, but don’t buy too many at once! Buying a card increases its price for that day, so it’s best to buy only a small number of the cards you’d like to upgrade. Remember: the card shop has 3 extra cards on the weekend.

Join a Clan!

Join a clan. Joining a clan is a great way to get cards for free, since you can request cards that you need from the rest of the clan. You also get worthwhile rewards from donating cards to your clan-mates.

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