Great Battle Strategy Culminates in the First Few Seconds

Published on February 22 2017

The Battle Strategy

With Clash Royale, Battle Strategy is key. One could argue that it's all about numbers, and how those numbers equate in the end. But, not all equations are solved by straight line addition. Keep in mind that the Pythagorean Theorem tells us the pattern affects the total. Basically, how a battle begins will eventually affect the outcome.Every battle begins with the deck, not with the countdown. A great battle deck will set the ground work of any battle strategy. With the variety of cards available, it’s a good idea to have a healthy mix.

Balanced Cards

One such effective mix is 2 stationary cards, 2 chargers, 1 blitz, 2 air cards, and a really good diversion.The defense cards, such as a Bomb Tower, and Goblin Hut, will provide defense, and diversion if properly placed. Deploy the Bomb Tower square center, and two tiles up from the front towers, then wait. A mass deployment of troops hurriedly placed will cause less damage to an opponent. By allowing an opponent to show their hand, the smart strategist now knows that their opponent can’t defend the second tower effectively for the next few seconds. With deployed troops engaged, and a second tower not defended, two chargers like the Prince, and the Musketeer are ideal. However, this card arrangement may not be available.

How to win

A similar set up with one card capable of object projection to give cover to a high damage card that may require close contact is the goal.The destruction of one tower will occur within the first seconds of battle greatly increasing the odds of a victory, even if the opponents are unevenly matched. With the first tower destroyed, it may be time to redeploy defenses, or sacrifice a tower to keep the advantage of foothold in enemy territory. This way you will win easy in Clash Royale Juwelen Cheat.

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